Nice Multi: because space does matter

Nice Multi: because space does matter

Recycling a significant amount of waste in a compact and smart way in reduced spaces can be a major headache. Cervic Environment has the best solution to this: the recycling bin Nice Multi.

The Nice Multi recycling bin allows you to collect from 2 to 6 different types of waste with a capacity that can range from 95 to 190 liters in a maximum area of 70 x 45 cm. To achieve this, the Nice Multi bin can be stand alone or combined with another unit to form an island of 4, 5 or 6 residues.

The sharp looking body shell can be found with a smooth surface or aesthetic horizontal indentations. Durable and strong, it is made of galvanized steel. A stainless steel option is also available (minimum quantity required).

The Nice Multi recycling bin has two different types of lid: open lid and soft self-closing lid. This soft self-closing lid closes gently by itself when the user opens it, avoiding annoying blows against the metal while keeping the waste hidden in the bin. The collection system is by means of a ring with a durable rubber band that holds the bag and prevents it from falling, even if heavy waste is deposited. The ring is ergonomic for ease of use when placing and removing the bag.

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