Special features of Hygiene products

This category is made up of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, glove dispensers, litter bins, … which have been developed with the aim of avoiding direct manual contact with the dispenser, in order to minimize the risk of contagion in massive uses. Most of these products have different versions that allow them to be adapted to customer needs, while being easy to use, clean and refill. They are gel dispensers, glove dispensers, litter bins, … that adapt easily to the environment where they are going to be placed. Some of these products can be incorporated into existing litter bins, installed on a wall or on a pole, or purchased directly with the litter bin to be able to dispose waste (gloves, masks, tissues, …) or the pole with a signal included.

Common characteristics with the other categories

The products belonging to the Hygiene category have been created under the same standards as the rest of Cervic Environment products, so they are attractively designed products that in turn are very functional and reliable. They are safe, ergonomic, clean and easy to use and refill products. These gel dispensers, glove dispensers, litter bins, … have been produced with galvanized steel or aluminum and passed High Performance tests before being marketed. The High Performance tests in real conditions of use make it possible to check the operation of a product and ensure that it has an adequate behavior both when the product is installed for the first time and its long-term behavior with its daily use.