Contract Office

Suitability of Contract-Office Bins

The Cervic Environment wastebaskets that are grouped in the Contract-Office section share several characteristics that make them ideal for being placed indoors. They are single or multiple waste bins with a size ranging from small to large. Their aesthetics help decorate and their functionality makes them a winning product for customers. These bins are made of various materials, this category containing galvanized steel bins, stainless steel bins, wooden and galvanized steel bins and bins that combine steel with plastic.

Common characteristics to the other categories

Contract-Office bins share some common characteristics with the rest of the categories such as:

  • Some of them are certified self-extinguishing, so if a fire were to occur inside it, the wastebasket itself would extinguish it without spreading it outside it.
  • The selective or multi-waste bins are customizable by the color of the waste in all of them, and the icon and / or name of the waste in some of them
  • These bins have also passed High Performance Tests, which means that they have been tested under real conditions of use and have passed the tests they have been subjected to.