Differentiating Features of Cervic Environment Ashtrays

The Ashtrays come in various versions and with various capacities that allow them to be adapted to the needs of the customers: they can be attached to most of the existing litter bins on the market or purchased with a litter bin, they can be anchored to the ground, they can be installed on a wall or a pole, they can be placed standing up, … Some of them have advertising supports. They are suitable to be placed outdoors so they incorporate a security key and can incorporate a rain hood. They are a perfect accessory to Cervic Environment litter bins.

Standard Features of Cervic Environment Products

Cervic Environment ashtrays are made of galvanized steel with some aluminum and stainless steel elements. They are ashtrays with a design that allows them to be part of the environment and in turn have great functionality and reliability. They are easy to use and also to empty and clean. These ashtrays have passed High Performance tests under real conditions of daily use before being incorporated into the Cervic Environment product catalog. They can be personalized with customer logos (extra cost and / or MOQ required).