Basic Recycling Bins

Adaptability of Basic Recycling Bins

Basic recycling bins are minimalist, economical and functional, which makes them optimal bins for both cleaning and daily use. The Basic Recycling Bins are the most adaptable since they can be implanted either in small offices, shops, restaurants, schools, … due to their different sizes and their mobility and ease of use and cleaning. Some of these litter bins include versions that allow them to be further tailored to customer needs:

  • Lids: open top, flaps, swing lid, …
  • Type of opening: manual or by pedal
  • Emptying of the bin: top or front
  • Garbage collection system: by inner ring bag holder or inner bucket, both systems hide the bag
  • The type of waste is customizable by means of color in all the bins, and by color, icon and / or name of the waste in some of them

Versatility of Basic Recycling Bins

This category includes galvanized steel bins, cardboard bins, and plastic bins. Galvanized steel litter bins have some characteristics in common to High Performance Recycling Bins:

  • Some of them are self-extinguishing, so if there is a fire inside them, the bins prevent the fire from spreading and put it out by themselves.
  • The High Performance Tests are carried out on all metal bins. These tests ensure the reliability of the wastebasket in real usage situations

The biggest advantage of Cervic Environment cardboard bins is that they are mounted without any type of adhesive, so they can be assembled and disassembled as many times as necessary. By collapsing, they are easy to store and transport. The residues can be changed by others since they include a sheet with the residues so that it is the customer himself who can personalize or change them. Plastic bins are the most versatile of all. They can be found in small, medium and large sizes; in containers with handles and wheels or stackable; compact or for a single residue,…