Bags Dispensers


Main Features of the Bag Dispensers

The Bag Dispensers are designed to house bags in block system for the collection of doggy residues, in such a way that the user extracts the bags one by one. This measure saves money on the refills of the bags. Cervic Environment Bag Dispensers can be purchased by themselves to be installed in most wastebaskets, on walls, on poles, … or they can also be purchased with a Cervic Environment wastebasket or post that are already marked with the icon of canine waste collection. It is also the ideal complement to any Cervic Environment wastebasket.

Common aspects with the other Cervic Environment products

The canine waste bag dispensers are made of galvanized steel. These dispensers are easy and practical to use, as well as easy and practical when it comes to refilling them. They include the marking of the waste in the form of an icon on the body of the product. These Dispensers have passed High Performance tests in real product use situations before being marketed, so the reliability of the product is tested.