Urban Recycling Bins

Main attributes of Urban Recycling Bins

Urban Recycling Bins have several common attributes that make them the most suitable option for recycling on the street and, in turn, keep an aesthetic that allows them to be integrated with the rest of the urban furniture. These litter bins are robust and designed to withstand weather conditions outside. For extreme weather conditions in extreme and aggressive environments, such as high salinity due to being less than 3 kilometers far from the coast, there is a special treatment on the wastebasket called “Extreme Treatment” that provides protection against corrosion in the Galvanized steel wastebaskets: C5-I corrosion or Very High Corrosion according to EN ISO 12944-5. The Urban Recycling Bins are prepared to be installed on the street and anchored to the ground. They can be placed by themselves or also forming recycling stations.

Characteristics of Urban Recycling Bins

Urban Recycling Bins identify waste by color and icon and / or name, making it very easy to identify where to deposit each different type of garbage. They are robust bins which have passed High Performance Tests under real use situations. These bins are designed for 1 or for various types of waste. In the event that their design is for 1 type of waste, they can be grouped with litter bins from the same family to form recycling stations as wide as desired.