High Performance Recycling Bins

The widest selection of High Performance Recycling Bins

Cervic Environment designs and manufactures recycling bins taking into account the use to which they will be put. The needs of an airport, a museum, a shopping center or a university are not the same as those of an office, a restaurant or a small business, so our bins cannot be the same either. In this way, the different versions of the same recycling bin make it versatile enough to be able to adapt to different types of customers, as they include:

  • Different types of lid: open top, swing lids, flaps,…
  • Different lid opening systems: manual, by pedal,…
  • Different collection systems: inner bag holder ring and inner metal bucket (both systems with elastic band that hold and hide the bag so that it is not visible from the outside) and plastic container with wheels inside
  • Configuration of waste by color, icon and / or name according to customer needs

Other characteristics which make them special

The range of High Performance bins that Cervic Environment has created, not only differs for the versatility of the same within the same model, but for the versatility that the range itself includes. Also, some of the characteristics that make this range so special are:

  • Most of their bins are self-extinguishing. In other words, if a fire were to be created inside the wastebasket, it would be the wastebasket itself that would eventually extinguish it without spreading it.
  • There are different emptying systems for the bin itself: top opening, front opening, … These systems have been designed to be safe, ergonomic, clean and minimize the risk of bag breakage when removed.
  • The reliability of the bins is, without a doubt, a characteristic that keeps the customers linked for the long term. This reliability is obtained by means of High Performance Tests in real situations of use to which the bins are subjected before being marketed.

Why trust Cervic Environment products?

Cervic Environment is a family business with more than 50 years in the market and present in more than 30 countries. Leader in its sector, Cervic Environment is certified by AENOR with the UNE 166.002 standard for management in innovation and development. In addition, its own engineering and design department has obtained various national and international recognitions.