Imagen principal de la papelera

• Wooden recycling cabinet designed for food areas with a large number of users.
• For 5 residues. It allows collecting both solid and liquid waste.
• Two versions available:
– 5 waste: all of them solids.
– 5 waste: 4 solids and 1 liquids.
• Capacity 5 waste: (all of them solids) 520L.
• Capacity 5 waste: (4 solids and 1 liquids) 430L (420L solids waste and 10L liquids waste)
• The residue with frontal deposit area have a capacity of 120L. The residues with the upper deposit areas have a capacity of 100L each one. The liquid waste has 10L capacity.
• Optional (accessory): Additional informative board (standard version does not include the board).
• Separate compartments for each residue with a front door system for emptying.
• Access doors have magnet closure. (** liquid waste with a lockable door).
• The version with liquid waste has a compartment to store cleaning materials (chemicals, bags, cloths, etc …).
• Include removable watertight liquid retention trays for each waste.
• It incorporates a trays holder in the upper part of the cabinet.
• 4 different options of sorting streams are available.
• Waste identification by vinyl adhesive on the front door and sorting stream area.
• Collection system (to choose):
– Standard: Sliding inner ring with an elastic band to hold the bag in place, which can be horizontally fold out by guides.
– Optional (accessory): Metal inner liner with elastic band to keep the bag in place.
• It incorporates 6 wheels as standard, 3 of them (frontal ones) with brakes.
• Cabinet frame made of 30 mm thick MDF wood (Acacia Lackeland Cream finish).
• Other components (doors, dividers, liners, etc.) manufactured in 0.6, 1 and 1.5 mm cold rolled steel plates which have been hot dip galvanized.
• Doors include a thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish
• Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real environmental and usage conditions.

Imagen de la papelera de reciclaje Mallorca en un entorno real.