Street Furniture: Benches

If you are considering purchasing outdoor benches for either a public or private entity, it is important to choose the highest quality products. With Cervic Environment, you will find a wide range of benches suitable for different places, both for indoor and outdoor use.

Benches are an essential element in outdoor spaces that serve to provide a place to refresh, relax, and promote street life. We offer benches in a wide variety of formats, shapes, and materials to adapt to all types of spaces and architectural designs.

Our urban benches, both for outdoor and indoor use, are designed to provide seating in gardens and terraces. With an exterior made from weather-resistant materials, these garden benches are comfortable and perfect for relaxation during leisure time, regardless of weather conditions.

If you enjoy spending time in your garden, terrace, or in public parks and promenades, our high-quality outdoor benches are the perfect complement to your space. They are durable and weather-resistant, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come.

Public benches serve as resting places for people of all kinds in cities. They provide comfort, rest, and relaxation for pedestrians. Thanks to their special features, such as attractive designs and easy maintenance, they become an ideal choice for public spaces.

At Cervic Environment, we add value to your project by integrating benches, sun loungers, planters, and picnic tables in urban or residential areas, such as squares and gardens. We offer high-quality products, innovation, and design that cater to the needs of all types of customers.

In public spaces, it is essential to provide places for people to rest, serving their function as irreplaceable urban furniture in overall urban design.

Benches are an indispensable part of public urban furniture. In parks, squares, and avenues, they provide spaces for leisure and relaxation. Investing in quality benches that meet your needs is crucial. At Cervic Environment, we offer different models perfect for any environment: benches designed to be inclusive and accessible, or those adapted for short breaks, relaxation, or socializing with friends.

Málaga Bench

The Málaga Bench is a solid and straightforward choice for any outdoor setting. Its versatile design can adapt to various styles and spaces. However, what truly sets this garden bench apart is its unique modular shape, offering a variety of configurations, and its wooden seating surface, making it appealing for both relaxation and dining. This innovative furniture system is the perfect blend of form and function.

The Málaga Bench consists of curved and straight modules that can be interconnected to create the ideal setup for your space and needs. It is available in two versions: one with a wooden finish for a more classic look and another made of recycled plastic (Reciplast) that requires minimal maintenance. We work with recycled materials, such as recycled plastic, in most of our products.

The seating area, backrests, and armrests are made from recycled plastic sourced from post-consumer plastic waste or tropical wood protected with water-based “lassure.” This outdoor urban bench can be delivered either assembled or disassembled, depending on the customer’s needs and requirements. The Málaga Bench is part of the Málaga urban furniture collection, which includes waste bins, planters, picnic tables, and loungers.

Málaga Picnic

The Picnic Málaga is a set consisting of a table and two benches. This urban furniture set includes a table and two benches, and it can also be ordered separately. These outdoor benches and tables are perfect for accommodating large groups of people, whether for lunch or dinner. The Picnic Málaga is available in two versions: wood and recycled plastic (maintenance-free). The sides of the table have a width that allows wheelchair access.

The Picnic Málaga is a combination of benches and a table designed for enjoying outdoor moments. Its modular structure offers two installation options: independent (benches and table fixed individually to the pavement using 4 M8 expansion screws each) or connected (benches and table joined using a connecting kit, forming a single block with all three elements). The kit-connected assembly can also be anchored to the ground using 4 M8 expansion screws.

The picnic table in the Málaga collection is made from recycled plastic and features a water-based “lassure” finish that ensures durability and resilience. It boasts a minimalist and visually pleasing design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Málaga picnic table is part of the Málaga urban furniture collection, which includes waste bins, planters, benches, and loungers.

Málaga Chaise Lounge

A modern interpretation of the classic chaise longue, the Málaga Chaise Lounge for public spaces is designed to enjoy the urban environment. It offers comfort and functionality in an informal setting. This model is constructed from 3 mm thick pickled and galvanized steel with an anti-corrosion zinc-rich primer and a thermosetting polyester resin powder coating.

This Chaise Lounge for gardens and outdoor areas is made from a combination of tropical wood and post-consumer plastic waste. It’s easy to anchor to the ground using M8 expansion bolts (included), allowing for both standalone and ground installation. The wood has been treated with an eco-friendly, water-based lacquer with low VOC content to protect the wood. The Málaga Chaise Lounge is part of the Málaga urban furniture collection, which includes waste bins, planters, benches, and picnic tables.

Ecotec Bench

This outdoor bench is highly robust and resistant to extreme weather conditions, and it requires no maintenance. It features UV protection that provides two levels of solar impact resistance, depending on the color category. This bench is manufactured using at least 55% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life. It’s the perfect way to add additional seating where you need it, whether in gardens or walkways.

The Ecotec bench is made from polyethylene and polypropylene and can be cleaned with organic solvents as long as the temperature does not exceed 60°C or with pressurized water. The bench has a very sturdy construction. There’s also a version of the bench available with a USB charger. These benches for streets and gardens come in various colors and have a clean and contemporary appearance. They are available in versions with 5 or 6 slats.

The Ecotec Bench is a fixed bench made of technical plastic. It can be anchored to the ground using four expansion screws, which are included in the kit. It can be delivered fully assembled or unassembled, depending on the customer’s needs. This product has successfully passed functionality and durability tests in real usage conditions.

Valencia Bench

The Valencia Bench features a modular design that allows for an infinite longitudinal arrangement. When combined with the Valencia planter, it can create unique corners. There are 4 versions available: Bench without backrest, Bench with half backrest (right or left), and Bench with full backrest, as well as two types of slats: wooden or recycled plastic (maintenance-free).

The outdoor Valencia Bench is an excellent solution for squares, parks, and other public spaces. The bench’s structure is made of 5mm thick steel with a zinc-rich anti-corrosion primer finish and a thermosetting polyester resin powder coating. The seat area is constructed from tropical wood protected with water-based “lassure” and recycled plastic sourced from post-consumer plastic waste.

The Valencia Bench can be securely fastened to the ground using four M8 expansion screws (included), making installation and storage easy, despite its relatively lightweight. This product has undergone reliability, compatibility, and functionality testing under real usage conditions. This outdoor bench is part of the Valencia urban furniture collection, which includes benches, planters, trash bins, and more.

Vancouver Bench

The Banco Vancouver comes in various versions of benches and chairs (with a structure of 5 or 6 slats) and benches. It is available in two versions: wood or recycled plastic Replast (maintenance-free).

The Vancouver bench for gardens and outdoor spaces is available in two versions: the standard model and the optional model with a USB charger. Both versions are made of steel tubing and galvanized steel plates with additional anti-corrosion treatment and a thermosetting polyester resin powder coating.

This Banco Vancouver features a unique and surprising design, as its seating area is made of tropical wood protected with a water-based lasurel and recycled plastic from post-consumer plastic waste. This bench is durable and reliable, with its components carefully selected to ensure resistance to weather and environmental conditions.

Ibiza Bench

The Ibiza Bench is the ideal piece of furniture for outdoor spaces. Made of steel with a special anti-corrosion treatment, polyester resin powder coating, and technical polymer plates on the seat, it has a robust and elegant appearance. The bench is available in two versions: one with a full backrest and another with a half backrest.

It is available in two standard colors: Oxiron Gray and Corten effect. Other colors are available upon request (a minimum order is required). This robust bench with a reinforced seating area is ideal for outdoor use in parks and public spaces. It is also suitable for indoor installation.

This bench has been designed for both indoor and outdoor installation and can be securely anchored to the ground using 4 expansion screws M8 (included). This product has successfully passed functionality and durability tests under real usage conditions.

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