bancos mobiliario urbano
bancos mobiliario urbano
fabricante mobiliario urbano españa
bancos mobiliario urbano

• Modular system of Benches and Planters, of different heights and shapes (square and rhombus) that can be combined with each other, creating resting areas with unlimited possibilities of configurations in shapes and sizes.
• Available Bench and Planter models:
– Bench square low. Height 450 mm.
– Bench square high. Height 880 mm.
– Bench rhombus low. Height 450 mm.
– Bench rhombus high. Height 880 mm.
– Planter square low. Height 420 mm (240 L).
– Planter square high. Height 850 mm (530 L).
– Planter rhombus low. Height 420 mm (220 L).
– Planter rhombus high. Height 850 mm (450 L).
• The benches are available with three boards options for the seating area:
1) Recycled plastic (Recyplast).***
2) WPC- Wood Composite brushed.***
3) Tropical Wood.
*** are versions with eco-friendly boards. Do not require maintenance. Highly resistant to adverse weather conditions.
• The planters incorporate drainage holes in the base.
• Benches and planters incorporate adjustable articulated feet.
• Benches and planters can be anchored to the ground using 4 M8 expansion screws (included).
• Benches are delivered assembled. In case of wanting to anchor it to the ground, the installer will remove the top seat panel to access the interior area where the bench is fixed to the ground.
• Made of 1´5, 2 and 3 mm galvanized steel and finished with a thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish with a zinc-rich anti-corrosion primer in decorative frame.
• Seat area boards manufactured with:
a) Recycled plastic from post-consumer plastic waste (Recyplast).
b) WPC-Ecological composite wood brushed from recycled vegetable waste and polymers.
c) Tropical wood protected by water-based “lassure”.
• Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real environmental and usage conditions.
• Suitable to be used indoor and outdoor under normal weather conditions. In case of extreme weather conditions, such as high salinity, temperature or humidity, an additional special treatment can be included. Check extra cost and MOQ.
** Only benches with the same boards types can be combined with each other (benches with different boards types cannot be combined).

bancos mobiliario urbano