Used Household Oil Containers

Manufacturing used oil containers is a very important way to contribute value to the oil recycling process. Whether it’s used cooking oils, edible oils, or used vegetable oil, they can all be deposited in the used oil tanks that Cervic Environment manufactures.

Our models of containers for used oil are patented and can be used in different sectors that require oil collection, such as hospitality, restaurant chains, schools, food industry, industrial facilities, and other local entities committed to oil recycling.

The oil containers are manufactured with the highest sanitary and environmental guarantees, making oil recycling a comfortable, professional, and efficient task.

Thanks to the Maxi container model, large volumes of used vegetable oil can be collected, while the Mini container model allows for the creation of collection points in various public, commercial, and private locations.

Our containers are specially designed to provide a convenient, secure, and hygienic collection experience for users. They are anti-vandalism and have a liquid retention system.

The models of used oil containers allow for the simple and convenient selective collection of bottled used household oil for end-users. From bottles, cans to jugs of used household oil up to 5 liters.

It is important to remember that used oil is the leftover from frying food and it is common to pour it down the sink due to a lack of awareness about its recyclability. Failing to do so and depositing it in used oil containers can cause significant damage to the environment. It is estimated that a single liter of oil can contaminate a thousand liters of water.

Used vegetable oil can be deposited in any nearby used oil container or in containers for used oil located nearby. Some models of oil containers allow for storing more used oil than other oil deposits, depending on the customer’s needs.

It is estimated that each consumer generates around four liters of used household oil per year. Valencia alone has nearly 800,000 inhabitants. This means millions of liters of used oil being poured into drains. Considering that a single liter of oil can contaminate 40,000 liters of water, the conclusion is clear: used household oil is not a minor problem.

At Cervic Environment, we are committed to manufacturing used oil containers, and thanks to our Maxi, Mini, and NEO models, we can meet the needs of our customers.”

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contenedor aceite usado - contendores de aceite usado