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Types of benches made from recycled materials

At Cervic Environment, we value the importance of urban furniture elements in the context of comprehensive city sustainability. Our sustainable benches have been carefully designed with features that distinguish them as much more than simple seating.

In the manufacturing process of a recycled urban bench, we use materials sourced from recycled and recyclable sources. This conscious choice has a significant impact on reducing our environmental footprint and promoting the circular economy. We strive to maximize the durability and resilience of our benches, thus avoiding unnecessary waste generation and ensuring they have a prolonged lifespan.

These are our benches made from recycled materials:

banco sostenible parque

Recycled urban benches in Vancouver

Recycled urban benches Vancouver, available at Cervic Environment, are a versatile option that adapts as a bench, stool, or chair. These benches have been carefully designed to offer comfort and functionality in urban and public spaces.

The legs and structure of the benches are made of high-quality tubes, ensuring their strength and durability in demanding urban environments. They have been designed to withstand daily use and variable weather conditions, providing safe and comfortable seating for users.

These urban benches made from recycled materials are a sustainable choice that contributes to waste reduction and environmental care. By using 100% recycled plastics, the circular economy is promoted, and the extraction of new natural resources is avoided. Opting for these benches is a step towards building a more sustainable and conscious environment.

Bancos Fabricados con Materiales Reciclados

Osaka, Urban benches made from recycled materials

The recycled benches from Osaka, crafted from recycled materials, are a masterpiece of design and functionality, offering a unique modular system that will redefine urban spaces. With various heights and shapes, such as square and rhombus, these benches and planters, made from recycled materials, are a versatile solution that can be combined in unlimited ways, creating rest areas with customized configurations in shapes and sizes.

Available models range from low square benches to tall rhombus planters, each with specific height options and crafted from recycled materials. The choice of slats for the seating area adds a personalized touch, with eco-friendly options like recycled plastic (ReciPlast) and synthetic wood (WPC) that are resistant to adverse weather conditions, require no maintenance, and are environmentally friendly.

The ease of assembly and the option of ground anchoring, along with the variety of slat materials for the seating area, make these benches an exceptional choice for outdoor and indoor spaces in normal weather conditions. Additionally, for extreme environments such as high salinity, temperature, or humidity, the option of additional special treatment is offered. Discover the harmony between aesthetic design and functional durability with the Osaka Urban Benches, crafted from recycled materials.

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Sustainable Benches: Valencia

The sustainable benches in Valencia are a versatile and modular option that can be installed individually or combined with multiple benches and models to create spacious seating areas. These benches are available in three versions: with full backrest, half backrest, and without backrest, to adapt to the preferences and needs of users.

The Valencia bench can be anchored to the ground to ensure stability and resistance to daily use. It is supplied assembled or disassembled, according to your preferences and transportation needs.

The structure of the benches is made of steel with a zinc-rich primer layer, providing additional protection against corrosion. The seat and backrest planks are made from 100% recycled plastics.

These urban benches made from recycled materials are ideal for use in public spaces, parks, squares, and urban areas in general. Their modular and versatile design allows for configurations tailored to different environments, providing comfortable and durable seating for users. They are a sustainable option that contributes to waste reduction and environmental care.

Download our catalog and discover more information about these benches that help protect the environment.

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Malaga Urban benches made from recycled materials

The sustainable bench Málaga is a versatile and modular bench that allows for various configurations with fluid, elongated, and even completely circular shapes. Its design consists of curved and straight modules that can be interconnected.

Moreover, the recyclable and recycled bench in Malaga offers the possibility of adding accessories such as backrests and armrests, providing greater comfort to users. Its structure is made of pickled and galvanized steel, with additional treatment to resist corrosion, ensuring its durability and resistance even in adverse environmental conditions.

The urban bench made from recycled materials in Malaga is a perfect solution for public spaces, parks, squares, and urban areas in general. Its modular and versatile design allows it to be adapted to different environments and needs, offering a sustainable and attractive alternative for urban furniture.

If you are interested in this or other products from Cervic Environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information and help you find the perfect solution for your recycled urban furniture projects.

We invite you to explore our selection of recycled urban benches, designed with innovation and a strong environmental commitment! At Cervic Environment, we have created a catalog full of sustainable options that perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for benches for parks, squares, or any other urban space, we have the right solution for you. Our benches made from recycled materials are the result of our passion for sustainability and our dedication to environmental conservation.

How can you discover our benches made from recycled materials?

It’s easy! Just take a look at our catalog, where you’ll find designs and styles that fit different urban environments. If you need personalized advice or have specific questions, feel free to contact our team. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect solution that meets your requirements and aligns with your sustainability goals.

At Cervic Environment, we are committed to building more sustainable urban environments, and we believe that benches made from materials containing a significant percentage of recycled materials play an important role in this task. Join us on our journey towards a greener future and contribute to the creation of eco-friendly public spaces. Contact us today and let’s start building a more sustainable urban environment together!

Examples of benches made from recycled materials

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