Sustainable Sun Loungers

Types of sustainable sun loungers

At our company, we understand the importance of integrating urban furniture as an essential part of a comprehensive approach to sustainability in urban environments.

Our recycled-material sun loungers go beyond simply being comfortable seats, as they have been meticulously designed with specific features to fulfill this purpose.

In the manufacture of ecological sun loungers, we use materials that are both recycled and recyclable, which has a direct impact on reducing the environmental footprint and supports the concept of a circular economy.

We strive to maximize the durability and resistance of our products, thus avoiding the generation of unnecessary waste and ensuring a long service life.

Here are our exclusive sustainable sun loungers:

tumbona sostenible

Malaga Sustainable sun lounger

Sustainable Chaise Lounge for Public Spaces
Our public space chaise lounge is the perfect choice for enjoying the outdoors sustainably. Available in two versions, you can choose between the wooden option or the ReciPlast-Recycled Plastic option, the latter being especially recommended for coastal areas and places exposed to salt corrosion due to its low maintenance requirements.

Our chaise lounges adapt to your needs, as they can be anchored to the ground or used without anchoring, providing flexibility in their location. The structure is made of pickled and galvanized steel with additional anti-corrosive treatment, ensuring its durability and resistance even in challenging environments.

Enjoy the comfort and quality of our sustainable sun loungers in public spaces, while contributing to the conservation of the environment.

These outdoor sun loungers are part of the Málaga collection, which also includes a bench, picnic table, litter bin and planter.

Examples of sustainable sun lounger

tumbonas recicladas
tumbonas hechas con materiales reciclados

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