Sustainable Picnic Tables

Types of Sustainable Picnic Tables

In our company, we understand the importance of incorporating urban furniture as a fundamental part of a comprehensive approach to sustainability in urban environments. Our picnic tables made from recycled materials go beyond being simple seats and tables, as they have been carefully designed with specific features to fulfill this purpose.

For the manufacturing of eco-friendly picnic tables, we employ materials that are both recycled and recyclable, which has a direct impact on reducing environmental footprint and supports the concept of circular economy. We strive to maximize the durability and resistance of our products, thus avoiding the generation of unnecessary waste and ensuring a long lifespan.

Below, we present our sustainable picnic tables:

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Malaga Sustainable Table

Our Málaga collection features sustainable picnic tables consisting of a table and two benches, available as a complete set or separately according to your requirements.

We offer two versions to choose from: the wood option and the ReciPlast option, a recycled plastic material that requires no maintenance. The ReciPlast version is especially recommended for areas with high exposure to salt corrosion, such as boardwalks and coastal areas.

Additionally, you have two installation options: independent installation, where each element is placed separately, or installation of the assembled set for a more cohesive design.

The structure of our sustainable picnic tables is made of pickled and galvanized steel, with an additional anti-corrosion treatment that ensures durability and resistance.

At Cervic Environment, we are committed to creating sustainable picnic tables that fit your needs and the urban environment. Our options promote sustainability and environmental conservation, providing you with practical and eco-friendly solutions.

Sustainable picnic tables examples

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