Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles
Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles
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Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles

• Front door litter bin, made of medium-density polyethylene (plastic), very robust and resistant.
• High resistance to adverse environmental conditions (UV rays, salinity, humidity, etc.).
• 80L capacity.
• Two openings for depositing waste (located on opposite sides).
• Ashtray: Available version with an integrated ashtray on the top of the bin. Emptying it is done by tipping it into the interior of the bin.
• Cigarette extinguisher: Available version with a cigarette extinguisher plate located on the top of the bin.
• Door protected by a self-closing lock system.
• Customizable on the front and back (two sides). Maximum customization dimensions 190 x 160mm.
• Collection systems:
a) Inner ring bag holder.
b) Metal inner liner with elastic band to keep the bag in place.
• Body made of plastic (4mm thickness): Medium density polyethylene (MDPE) for outdoor use with protection against UV rays and antioxidants.
• Inner metal liner made of 0.6mm galvanized steel.
• Inner metal ring bag holder made of Ø8mm galvanized steel rod.
• Ashtray and cigarette extinguisher made of stainless steel.
• Lock made of zinc-plated steel.
• Hinges made of stainless steel and finished with thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish.
• Can be fixed to the ground with 6 M6 expanding bolts (included).
• Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real environmental and usage conditions.

Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles