Edam scooter rack

• Multiple scooter rack (5 racks)
• Valid for electric and kick scooters
• Security system: incorporates a lock system that allows the use of padlock as well as chain, cable and D-Lock (not
included, provided by the user).
• Modular: they can be installed side by side in line, creating large parking areas.
• The racks incorporate protection rubbers, to avoid damage due to friction in the scooter clamp.
• Valid for scooters with a maximum clamp width of 60 mm and a depth of 70 mm.
• Made of 2 and 5 mm thick galvanized steel.
• With thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish
• Anchored to the ground by 4 M8 expansion bolts (Included).
• Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real
environmental and usage conditions.