Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles
Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles
Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles
Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles

• Economic front-door recycling bin.
• Modular: can be installed individually or as recycling stations formed by multiple bins joined together. The bins can be connected to each other through any of their side or back faces, allowing the formation of elongated or square stations. (bin-to-bin connection element supplied with the bin)
• Available in two capacities:
· 65L (square shape).
· 95L (rectangular shape).
• Interior access for emptying via front door with magnetic closure (Optionally available with triangular key lock, subject to minimum order quantity requirements).
• Collection systems:
· Ring bag holder, attached and articulated to the body (with access to the ring from the hinged top lid).
· Metal liner (with elastic rubber band to keep the bag in place).
• Two options for waste deposit opening size available:
· Bin 65L (square shape opening).
· Small opening: 14×14 cm
· Large opening: 19×19 cm
· Bin 95L (rectangular shape opening)
· Small opening: 14×26 cm
· Large opening: 19×31 cm
• ACCESSORIES (Optional):
· Wheels: 4 wheel kit without brake hidden behind the bin’s lower base.
· Wall mounting kit: Allows anchoring the bin to a wall (available for both 65L and 95L versions).
· Basic Frontal adhesive: placed on the door, it incorporates the Color and Name of the waste.
· Special Frontal adhesive placed on the door: this is a large adhesive with a special design provided by the customer (65L: 236mm x 450mm, 95L: 361mm x 450mm).
· Special Lid adhesive: placed on the lid, it incorporates Color, Name and Symbol of the waste.
· Liquid retention inner tray: made of plastic *(Only for ring bag holder version).
• Base integrated into the bin.
• Includes height adjustable legs.
• Made of 1 and 2 mm cold rolled steel plates which have been hot dip galvanized.
• Finished with thermosetting polyester resin powder coating.
• Suitable to be used indoor and outdoor under normal weather conditions. In case of extreme weather conditions, such as high salinity, temperature or humidity, an additional special treatment can be included. Check extra cost and MOQ.
• Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real environmental and usage conditions.

Papeleras Reciclaje Sostenibles