Biobin 10L. Vented Kitchen Caddy

cubo aireado

• Bin with 10L capacity, vented, with hinged lid & ergonomic handle.
• Collection system: Compostable bag (not included).
• Vented: The holes in the bin (using a compostable bag), facilitate the transpiration of the liquid contained in the organic residue, (the waste is kept in aerobic conditions during the days in which the bag is filled) so it reduces the accumulation of leachates and bad odours.
• With a cleft in the base to help the emptying of the bin in a comfortable and safe way.
• Ergonomic handle with safety system. Exclusive opening position to prevent the accidental opening and help the emptying.
• Bin base without holes, which eliminates the possibility of dripping on the way to the disposal.
• Stackable, optimizing transport and storage costs.
• Frontal area can be customized by IML (consult conditions and MOQ).
• Made of plastic polypropylene (with more than 15% recycled material) and 100% recyclable.
• Made in Spain.

cubo aireado para residuos organicos