Economy is not against Aesthetics and Functionality

Economy is not against Aesthetics and Functionality

The Kerry Group company, global leader in Taste & Nutrition for the food and beverage industry, has chosen Cervic Environment’s Edinburgh Multi-waste Bin for its facilities. This bin has been widely accepted in the market due to its excellent value for money. It is economical, very versatile and aesthetic. Due to its clean design, straight and delicate lines and its thoughtful finish, it fits perfectly in any environment and it is also tremendously functional due to its capacity: it can accommodate from 120 to 240 liters of waste in the same bin, being able to segregate from 2 to 4 different types of waste perfectly identified.

There are 3 types of system available to deposit the waste through the upper part of the bin: an open lid, a self-closing flap or a self-extinguishing safety top, ensuring that if a fire breaks out inside the bin, it will be extinguished on its own without human intervention.

It has an easy-to-empty, ergonomic and efficient system that minimizes the risk of bag breakage during extraction.

In addition, the accessory for the storage of stacked cups is offered as an option, which allows the collection and recycling of used cups.

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