Cervic Environment bicycle and scooter racks: definitive solution for parking in public spaces.

Cervic Environment bicycle and scooter racks: definitive solution for parking in public spaces.

The use of bicycles and scooters is increasing year after year, and their use as a means of urban transport has even spread significantly all over the year. Apart from being very respectful with the environment, both means of transport have many advantages over the traditional ones (motorcycle, car, bus,…) within the same city, which is the reason why more and more cities are setting up bicycle and scooter parking . However the great advantage that the mobility by these ecological means of transport offer to the cities, given their proliferation, they are causing a problem in cities: the lack of specific parking areas which will prevent the invasion of the walkways and areas for pedestrians by bikes and scooters.

To avoid this problem, Cervic Environment has created bike and scooter racks. The individual bike racks are Utrecht and Eindhoven, and the multiple or collective bike rack is Rotterdam. All the bike racks can be placed in a line to create long bike stations. They are designed in such a way that they allow the bicycle to be anchored to the bicycle rack by means of a chain with a padlock. The anchorage is hidden, so they integrate with the public space and decorate it. They are robust products, with design, functionality and reliability.

The Edam scooter rack can hold up to 5 electric or kick scooters. It also allows the construction of large parking areas by installing as many scooter racks as desired in a line. It incorporates a locking system that allows the scooter to be fixed to the structure through the use of a padlock as well as a chain, spiral, python or U-lock. In addition, it includes protective rubber bands that prevent damage to the scooter’s clamp due to friction.

Warsaw, Poland – December 25, 2019: Lime electric scooter rental outside on street outdoors parked on street sidewalk in downtown with nobody in Warszawa

Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real environmental and usage conditions.

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