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Edam Scooter Rack: safe and aesthetic solution for scooter parking

The Edam Scooter Rack is a safe and aesthetic solution for scooter parking in the public spaces of the cities worldwide.

Edam 8

The use of both bicycles and scooters as form of urban transport has spread in a very important way in recent years. Both means of transport have many advantages over the traditional ones (motorbike, car, bus,…) within the city, which is why more and more cities are introducing bicycle parking solutions. However, despite its spectacular expansion, it is very difficult to find parking solutions for scooters.

Edam 1

The lack of these parking spaces makes cities become a path full of obstacles for pedestrians, since these can be found piled up, thrown on the ground or parked in a very disrespectful way for the pedestrian, very unsafe for the user of the scooter and very unsightly for the city.

Edam 2

Edam 3

Cervic Environment’s Edam scooter rack is designed with these three agents in mind: the scooter is parked safely and in an orderly manner on public roads, preventing them from being obstructed and providing a pleasant view for the public.

Edam 4

The Edam can host up to 5 electric or kick scooters. It also allows you to build large parking areas thanks to the fact that as many Edam scooter racks as you want can be installed side by side in line. It incorporates a locking system that allows the scooter to be fixed to the structure by using a padlock as well as a chain, cable and D-Lock (not included, provided by the user). In addition, it includes protection rubbers that prevent damage due to friction on the scooter clamp. The Edam Scooter Rack is made of galvanized steel and protected with a thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish.

Edam 5

Cervic Environment, together with its distributors, is participating in pilot projects to adapt cities to this new reality. The Edam Scooter Rack has being installed in Tel Mond, Ramat Gan or Tel Aviv in Israel, Madrid in Spain,… among other cities.

Edam 6

Edam 7

For more information about the Edam Scooter Rack, click here.

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