How much does used household oil contaminate?

used household oil contaminate

How much does used household oil contaminate?

Used cooking oil is one of the most aggressive pollutants that exist today, as it is estimated that just one liter of household oil contaminates more than 1,000 liters of water, harming nearby fauna and causing environmental problems by hindering oxygen exchange.

The impact of uncontrolled disposal of used household oil into the sewage system is not a minor issue. In fact, the new waste law requires municipalities to have a separate collection system for used cooking oil, as it is a highly contaminating waste that seriously damages rivers, soils, and city pipe networks if improperly discarded.

If you don’t use a container for used household oil, it can cause blockages in your home’s pipes and drains, leading to dirt and foul odors. Additionally, it increases the cost of wastewater treatment because it is not biodegradable.

Clean points are public facilities designed to deposit polluting household waste, such as oil, but they require the effort of consumers to travel to them, as they are generally few and somewhat distant from urban areas.

Another closer and more practical option for consumers are used household oil recycling containers. Many municipalities already have used oil containers available near you. Consumers must store it in closed containers that can be of various types.

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