Youniq Project: more than a bin

Youniq Project: more than a bin

Youniq Residence Hall in Seville has managed to turn the recycling bins into something more than a container to throw away garbage; it has transformed them into another element of decoration. This can be verified through the combination of bins that they have chosen within the Cervic Environment catalog for each area of the residence.

The Oslo bin: sober, efficient, with rounded lines. The Oslo bin makes it easy: with a front opening in the body to deposit the garbage. In addition, the cover protects from rain, snow and wind, making it the perfect option for outdoors.

The Edinburgh Self-Extinguishing Bin: elegant, economical, with straight lines,… And certified as Self-Extinguishing! It is perfect for rooms in buildings with high flow of people. With an open top to avoid touching the bin when depositing the waste and safe, since if a fire occurs inside it, it will be extinguished without human intervention.

The Munich recycling bin: robust and with presence. Made with a double layer of metal to withstand accidental blows, such as a chair hitting it. With open top to deposit the waste without any contact with the bin. And with a simple, safe and efficient emptying system.

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