We would like to introduce you our BIOBIN vented kitchen caddy

We would like to introduce you our BIOBIN vented kitchen caddy

Biobin is the perfect solution for the domestic collection of organic waste in a practical, hygienic and ecological way.

Ideal to be used with compostable bags (not included in the kitchen caddy). The use of the vented kitchen caddy together with the compostable bag prevents bad odours, since these bags are characterized by being semi-permeable to water vapor and gases. The holes in the bucket facilitate the perspiration of the liquid contained in the organic matter in the form of water vapour, (the residues are kept in aerobic conditions during the days in which the bag is being filled), thus preventing the appearance and accumulation of leachates, bad odors and the weight of the waste that must go to the treatment plants is reduced.

In addition, the use of the compostable bag in this type of vented kitchen caddy facilitates the composting task since it is not necessary to remove the plastic bags to compost.

Biobin has 10 liter capacity; it has a hinged top lid with a safety lock. The base of the bucket does not have holes to prevent leachate from dripping during transportation. It also has an ergonomic handle with a safety system that, together with the cleft on the base, facilitates the easy and safe emptying of the bucket.

It also offers the possibility of being customized in the front area using IML printing technology (minimum order required).

Biobin is stackable, what optimizes transport and storage costs.

Made in Spain of plastic material (with a percentage of more than 15% recycled material), it is 100% recyclable at the end of its life cycle.


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