The safety of Self-Extinction in Shopping Centers

The safety of Self-Extinction in Shopping Centers

Safety is one of the most appreciated qualities by clients with sensitive locations such as museums, hospitals, large offices, shopping centers, … Self-Extinction offers this safety, since if a fire occurs inside the bin, this will be extinguished without human intervention.

Cervic Environment has one of the most extensive ranges of self-extinguishing bins on the market, all of them certified by an external laboratory. One of these bins is the Altea, which has been acquired by the Torre Sevilla Shopping Center to equip its facilities.

Torre Sevilla, a shopping center designed by César Pelli, needed a convenient, practical, large-capacity, safe bin that does not require intense maintenance and with an elegant and simple design, such as the Altea 100-liter bin by Cervic Environment. This bin fits in perfectly with the rest of the modern complex.

Torre Sevilla Shopping Center is very peculiar as it is surrounded by vegetation, which makes shopping a sensory experience. It has been designed by one of the most relevant architects in the world: César Pelli. César Pelli also designed, among other projects, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or the World Financial Center in New York (United States). Torre Sevilla was later adapted for commercial use.

For more information about the Altea bin, click here.

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