The CEOE installs recycling bins made by Cervic Environment

The CEOE installs recycling bins made by Cervic Environment

The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), after remodeling its facilities in Madrid, has decided to install Cervic Environment’s recycling bin Alicante Recycling to incorporate waste segregation in its offices.

The Alicante Recycling is an economical and hygienic recycling bin. It is made of metal with a grey or white body and either has an open mouth or a flap that opens by a foot pedal, so that manual contact with the bin is avoided to deposit the waste.

It is intuitive. The waste is clearly identified on the lid and, additionally, on the body of the bin. In addition, recycling stations can be created with as many different types of waste as desired, joining the bins from the inside using special screws (included).

It is Self-Extinguishing, which means that if a fire occurs inside it, it will go out by itself without human intervention. This feature is certified by an external laboratory.

It can be hung on the wall or anchored to the ground, if necessary.

The CEOE represents and defends Spanish companies and freelancers. Founded in 1977, it currently voluntarily integrates more than 2 million companies and self-employed entrepreneurs from all sectors of activity, coordinated thanks to its 4,500 grassroots associations, its more than 200 territorial and sectoral organizations and its 20 advisory bodies divided into Commissions and Tips.

For more information about the Alicante Recycling, click here.

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