Seating perfect for promenades and coastal areas


Seating perfect for promenades and coastal areas

Cervic Environment has an interesting range of benches, backless benches, chairs, chaise longue, picnic tables,…, which are perfect for promenades, coastal areas and areas highly exposed to salt corrosion. These pieces are made of steel with a special treatment combined with recycled plastic, which makes them resistant to corrosion caused by salinity. Both materials are 100% recyclable after their useful life, so they are also very ecological. These pieces are:

Malaga Collection in metal and post-consumer recycled plastic (RecyPlast). This collection includes a modular bench with straight and curved sections at different angles, which allows different figures to be formed, a chaise longue and a picnic set made up of a table and two 2-meter-long stools, also designed so that people in wheelchairs can share their food with family and friends.

COLECCION MALAGA ZONAS COSTERASValencia Bench also in metal and post-consumer recycled plastic (RecyPlast). This product is part of the Valencia Collection. The Valencia bench can be found in several version: with half-backrest, with full-backrest and backless bench. In addition, it allows the construction of long seating areas by joining the different versions of this bench.

BANCO VALENCIA ZONAS COSTERASEcotec Bench, made with at least 55% recycled material, is also anti-graffiti. This bench stands out for its versatility in colors and UV protection that offers color resistance to solar impact. Its backless bench and chair versions are also available in colours.

BANCO ECOTEC ZONAS COSTERASVancouver bench, backless bench and chair with a metal frame and post-consumer recycled plastic slats. This seat stands out for being a timeless and economical seat.

BANCO VANCOUVER ZONAS COSTERASAnd for the rest of the galvanized steel products, we have the Extreme Treatment available. Here are our contact details for any questions you may have: contact.

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