Rotterdam bike rack in Dubai Fitness Challenge

Rotterdam bike rack in Dubai Fitness Challenge

For Cervic Environment it has been a pleasure to collaborate in the wellness initiative “Dubai Fitness Challenge: 30×30” through Sanipex Group, our distributor in the area, and with the participation of Omaira Farooq Al Olama, Emirati businesswoman and famous influencer, who through this campaign inspired other Emiratis to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Leading a healthier life is not only very beneficial for your health, but it is also fashionable. Cervic Environment is not far behind and has in its catalog a range of products that make Fitness life easier such as the Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven bicycle racks and the Edam scooter rack, all of them designed having in mind the ease of use and a better life in the city. In fact, the Rotterdam bicycle rack was chosen for the campaign, since a aesthetically beautiful and durable product was needed which could hold the 5 bicycles belonging to the businesswoman Omaira’s family and the Rotterdam bicycle rack perfectly fulfilled this task.

The Rotterdam bike rack has capacity for 5 bicycles. In addition, it is possible to create large parking areas by putting one next to the other. The bicycles can be anchored with a chain and tied to the bicycle rack through the holes that the Rotterdam has for this purpose.

With an increasingly accelerated pace of life, more commitments and less time for resting or self-care, investing in sports and healthier lifestyle habits help us reducing stress and having a better life in general. In the United Arab Emirates they are very aware of this problem, so every November they launch the “Dubai Fitness Challenge: 30×30” campaign which consists of inviting citizens to have healthier lifestyles starting with doing 30 minutes of sport for 30 days . This campaign includes various activities related to all kinds of sports totally free for citizens, as well as promotion on social networks in order to challenge citizens and encourage them to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Omaira Farooq Al Olama, an Emirati businesswoman and famous influencer, has participated in promoting this campaign in order to encourage a more active lifestyle that improves the health of her fellow citizens and helps them raise awareness about the importance of balance between commitments and well-being. In her own words: “Health is wealth; after the recent passing of my beloved granny, I’ve come to realise that health is the most important thing you can have, for you and your family. That means removing toxic negative environments, toxic negative people and keeping those who are authentic and true in your circle. Health is also leading by example and the more outdoor activities you can do during the amazing weather in these next few months, I suggest you do it all!”

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