Recycling Bin Bremen: ergonomics and robustness for outdoors

Recycling Bin Bremen: ergonomics and robustness for outdoors

Our customers define the Bremen outdoor recycling bin as robust, ergonomic, elegant, adaptable to the space to which it is directed and fully functional.

The Bremen recycling bin is very ergonomic. It is designed as a monoblock with a front door opening for 1, 2 or 3 different types of waste. The waste receptacle is independent of each other as it is housed in separate spaces. This recycling bin has as a waste collection system a smart sliding ring by guides that holds the bag in place and hides it, in such a way that the bin is not only visually very attractive, but is also practical, clean and easy to empty since just by removing the rubber, the garbage bag detaches and can be collected without having to carry it. It also has version with a smart inner liner system.

Bremen is a safe recycling bin. The front doors include a lock that prevents unauthorized access to the bags.

The type of waste is well identified in the bin by its icon and color. The deposition mouth can be open or with a self-closing flap.

The standard Bremen recycling bin is made of galvanized steel and protected against corrosion. It is also available in stainless steel under a minimum order quantity.

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