Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort installs litter bins of Cervic Environment

Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort installs litter bins of Cervic Environment

The luxurious 5-star resort Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort, located on the Mediterranean Sea, installs the Oslo Urban litter bin of Cervic Environment in their facilities.

The Oslo Urbana litter bin is a robust litter bin thought to be installed on the street while maintaining excellent value for money. It is designed to be one of the most versatile urban litter bins on the market. It can be found with 3 types of capacities: 40, 75 and 100 liters. Also with 2 different emptying systems: top emptying and front emptying. These emptying systems have 3 different garbage collection systems designed to hold the bag and hide it inside the wastebasket: bag holder ring, metal liner and ergonomic metal liner (for front door systems, it combines the best characteristics of the bag holder ring and the metal liner, being completely removable from the wastebasket and at the same time allowing the bag to be removed from one side of the ergonomic liner) *.

The Oslo Urbana litter bin can also include a lock on the body and an integrated ashtray on the cover. It also offers the possibility of incorporating an ashtray on the side (such as the Kaizen ashtray and the Valencia ashtray from Cervic Environment) or a canine bag dispenser (such as the Can-Adapt dispenser from Cervic Environment).

For more information about the Oslo Urban litter bin, you can consult it by pressing here.

Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort is located on the beachfront on the Costa Blanca, between Gandía (Valencia) and Denia (Alicante). This luxurious complex includes a golf course, tennis and paddle courts, a high-performance equestrian center, 4 football fields and a state-of-the-art gym.

* Please, check the product versions.

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