Nice: the trend-setting recycling bin turns 10 years old

Nice: the trend-setting recycling bin turns 10 years old

This year 2020 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hallmark recycling bin: Nice by Cervic Environment. This was a trend-setting recycling bin since it was created. Other recycling bins followed it, but Nice was the groundbreaking piece.

There are several reasons why the Nice recycle bin has become one of the most loved by users. In this article we detail some of those reasons.

The smart aesthetic makes it fit into any type of environment, adapting to the decoration and the needs of the users. Its body can be smooth or with holes. It can be found in a semi-oval and rectangular shape with four different capacities: 65 and 95 liters (semi-oval) and 45 and 75 liters (rectangular).

It is completely modular, so in the case a customer acquires a recycling station of 2 types of waste and needs to add another residue in the future, it can be done. It is possible to add as many residues as required.

Adaptability. Nice bin can be found as single waste (for 1 type of waste) or multiwaste (for 2 or 3 different types of waste). This peculiarity of the Nice makes it possible to recycle in a smaller space, being able to collect up to 6 different types of waste with only 2 bins. It also has 8 different types of lids, including the confidential documents option and the open top, which avoids contact with the wastebasket when depositing the waste.

Safety. The version with a smooth body and swing lid is certified as Self-Extinguishing recycling bin, this is, in the case a fire starts inside the bin, it will be extinguished by itself with no need of human intervention and without spreading the flames outside the bin.

Customization possibilities. This bin can have colored lids with the waste symbol in grey or grey lids with the waste symbol in different colors. In addition, the recycling stations can be formed with as many rectangular bins (45 and 75 litres) as residues are needed or combining semi-oval bins (65 and 95 litres) with the rectangular ones.

For more information about the recycling bin Nice, click here.

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