New Products for New Times: Hygiene Category

New Products for New Times: Hygiene Category

Due to the new sanitary, safety and hygiene needs derived from COVID-19, Cervic Environment, always with a very positive and proactive point of view, is developing new products and adapting new versions of some of their products.

These are three of the firsts novelties, incorporated of the new category of products “Hygiene”, which will be expanded shortly with more products:

1.    Pedal Dispenser (Universal) for Bottled Hydrogel

This is a hands-free dispenser due to its pedal system. It is universal as it can work with most of the bottles (dispensers with pump) of hydroalcoholic gel available in the market with a capacity between 500 and 1.000 ml.

2.    Dispenser of Disposable Gloves in Block

This dispenser offers a great safety and hygiene as the user only touches the gloves which they are going to use. This dispenser is suitable to be put in walls, bins, posts and desks. It is also available as stations of dispensers put in a post with a sign and a bin to deposit the already used gloves.

3.    Bin with Dispenser of Boxed Gloves

This dispenser host a carton box with gloves (latex, nitrile,…). This dispenser is mounted on a bin where the already used gloves can be deposited.

These three products can be used by itself or combined to create “hygiene stations”.

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