Nation Towers in Abu Dhabi are equipped with Cervic Environment

Nation Towers in Abu Dhabi are equipped with Cervic Environment

In Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, the complex formed by 2 skyscrapers known as Nation Towers have included as equipment 3 products by Cervic Environment. These products are the bike rack Rotterdam, the waste segregation wooden cabinet Helsinki and the recycling bin Munich.

The bike rack Rotterdam is been designed for 5 bikes. It is stackable, which ease its transport; and modular, as many as wanted can be placed in line to form a large recycling station for bikes.

The waste segregation cabinet Helsinki combines wood and metal in such a way that recycling is integrated in a very elegant way with the decoration of the place. With independent doors and compartments for each type of waste is, moreover, a very easy to use and clean waste receptacle.

The recycling bin Munich is very robust. Designed for areas with large numbers of people, it combines its elegance and design with its performance.

The Nation Towers make a difference by being connected by a bridge which is considered the highest elevated passage in the world (202.5 meters high). The complex includes 278,709 square meters of usable space that is divided between a 5-star hotel with 350 rooms, spas and a gym; luxury boutiques in a shopping center aimed at high-end consumers; apartments and offices.

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