Malaga Picnic Set: robustness and great capacity

Conjunto Picnic Malaga

Malaga Picnic Set: robustness and great capacity

The pleasure of enjoying a meal outdoors with enjoyable people would not be complete without a picnic table. Cervic Environment has launched this year on the market the robust and inclusive Malaga picnic set, consisting of a table and two 2 meter long stools that can accommodate up to 8 people. For its design, it was taken into account those people in wheelchairs; they should also enjoy a wonderful snack with their family and friends without environmental or architectural barriers.

Conjunto picnic Malaga inclusivoThe Malaga picnic set is made with a pickled and galvanized steel structure and slats made of tropical wood protected with water-based “lassure” or post-consumer recycled plastic RecyPlast. The recycled plastic RecyPlast version is especially recommended for promenades, coastal areas and any place with high exposure to marine corrosion.

Conjunto picnic Malaga en madera y plástico reciclado recyplastThis picnic set can be anchored to the ground or, if anchoring is not possible, it can be joined using a joining kit, in such a way that both the stools and the table are fixed to each other.

Conjunto picnic Malaga kit de uniónThe Malaga picnic set is part of the Malaga Collection, consisting of a planter, a wastebasket, a recycling bin, a curved modular bench, a chaise longue and a picnic set.

Complete Malaga CollectionYou can find all the products that compose the Malaga collection by clicking here.

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