Find out why the Everest Automatic Dispenser is considered the best on the market

Find out why the Everest Automatic Dispenser is considered the best on the market

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we would like to present the Everest automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to you.

Discover the excellent performance of the Everest, and the reasons why it is considered the best and most reliable automatic dispenser of large capacity on the market.

2 out of every 3 people who are looking for a large capacity automatic dispenser and know Everest, buy it.

Find out for yourself here.

The reasons why this is the best large capacity Automatic Dispenser on the market today are:

–       It has great reliability; it is always ready to use.

–       It has a large capacity, since it houses 2 drums of 5 liters each (5L + 5L).

–       It is long-lived, it has a shelf-life between 20 and 30 times higher than the large-capacity automatic dispensers on the market.

–       It is fast, with a frequency of less than 1.5 seconds between doses, so it avoids queues

–       It does not clog, avoiding dispensing in different directions that end up on the floor or on users’ clothing

–       Its potentiometer allows establishing the optimal dose of hydroalcoholic solution

–       Dispensing occurs both from the front and from the sides of the device, facilitating its use by people with reduced mobility

–       Works under any type of lighting

–       Dispenses thick hydroalcoholic solutions (gel type) and also totally liquid

–       Its primer facilitates filling the circuit at the beginning and after changing the drum

–       Its suction sleeve maximizes the content of the drum

–       Dispensing always takes place in the same area, where there is a retention tray

–       It can work with the autonomy of its battery up to 4 weeks or 100,000 dispensations or have an unlimited autonomy by plugging it to the mains through a charger (included)

–       In addition, it incorporates wheels in the base to be able to be placed where it is desired

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