Cervic Environment launches the Catalogue 2019

Cervic Environment launches the Catalogue 2019

In January 2019 it has been launched the Cervic Environment Catalogue 2019.

Among the novelties, the multiwaste recycling bin Edinburgh stands out. This is an economic bin with several versions: open top, self-closing flat and self-extinguishing, this last one, in case of a fire in the bin, not only keeps it inside, but also extinguishes it by itself.

The circular and self-extinguishing stainless steel bin Etna is another novelty. This bin has a standard and a recycling version and it has 3 different capacities: 30, 50 and 90 litres.

Two more street furniture elements are born to be part of the Valencia line: Valencia bollards (circular and rectangular) and Valencia barriers, with their 3 versions: horizontal bars, crossed bards and Deployée panel.

These products are fruit of continues work from part of Cervic Environment to offer what the market wants. Moreover, all our products are designed by our R+D+I team, made in Spain and subjected to functionality and endurance test under real environmental and usage conditions before adding them to our catalogue.




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