Cervic Environment develops the new recycling furniture in the establishments of Areas

Cervic Environment develops the new recycling furniture in the establishments of Areas

Areas, world leader in Food & Beverage and Travel Retail, has entrusted the Spanish manufacturer Cervic Environment, a leader in bins and equipment for waste collection, the design of original recycling furniture to equip their establishments.

Marta Álvarez, Area Quality Manager, affirms that “the incorporation of this new equipment is part of our sustainability strategy and of the “Green Attitude” campaign, the objective of which is to improve the correct management of waste generated in the front office.” Marta Álvarez also adds that “from Areas we want to provide our clients with the possibility of segregating the different types of waste generated in our establishments through themed furniture designed to facilitate the separation and improve the subsequent management of paper-cardboard, glass containers and other types of waste, thus such as having a differentiated space for the elimination of liquid or ice of the drinks, in order to separate it from the container and facilitate its subsequent management ”.

The new furniture for selective collection designed and manufactured by Cervic Environment has already been installed in the new food court at Palma de Mallorca airport, and will be progressively implemented in more establishments.

The collection cabinet combines attractive aesthetics with excellent performance, both in functionality and hygiene, very relevant aspects for establishments with a large number of users. According to Gustavo Cerdá, General Director of Cervic Environment, “this innovative solution for recycling has been developed following our philosophy: design is much more than the appearance of a product, design is above all how this product works”.

 For its development, Cervic Environment has taken into account both the personnel in charge of maintenance and emptying the cabinet as well as the end users, with a practical and intuitive design which allows with not only solid but also liquid waste to be deposited in a very simple and segregated way. In this case, aspects such as the ergonomic emptying through front doors, wheels for easy movement or incorporating a lock-protected compartment in the cabinet itself where storing all utensils such as garbage bags or cleaning products, among others.

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