Calpe and Denia: economical and smart recycling

Calpe and Denia: economical and smart recycling

Among the products launched in 2022, the Calpe and Denia recycling bins are distinguished by being economical and hybrid bins, designed for a medium level of recycling (45 liters) in a controlled environment, such as an office, a store, the hall of a hotel, a bank branch, a school classroom,…

The Calpe recycling bin is both indoor and outdoor. This bin comes with a black or white metal body and a plastic lid in 5 different colors that holds the bag and hides it. In addition, it allows the creation of recycling stations by joining them using a joining kit (included).

The Denia recycling bin is indoors. This litter bin comes with an anti-humidity Kraft cardboard body of about 3 mm thick, which is assembled without any adhesive or glue and is easy to transport and store. This bin is not intended for a single use, but the hardness of its cardboard means that, using a plastic bag, it can be used for quite some time. In addition, there is the possibility of buying only the replacement cardboard bodies at a very economical price. Like the Calpe recycling bin, the lids are made of plastic in 5 different colors and hold the bag and hide it.

In both recycling bins, the same customer can personalize the waste thanks to the sheet of stickers that is included inside each bin.

In the following videos you can see the functionality of these two bins:

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