Aquaservice recycles with Cervic Environment

Aquaservice recycles with Cervic Environment

Aquaservice is now part of Cervic Environement customers

Aquaservice is the Spanish leading company in distribution of mineral water and refreshing drinks with dispenser. Hydrating Spain since 1997, Aquaservice headquarters are in Paterna (Valencia, Spain).

Aquaservice is, moreover, a company which cares about innovation, efficiency, excellence, family, team building and also for the environment. In fact, they have a fleet of more than 450 hybrid vehicles (Fuso Carter Eco Hybrid) and some of Cervic Environment products. The recycling cabinet Helsinki is located in their entrance, corridors and administration areas; the Valencia bin, recycling version, is their exteriors and the recycling bin Madrid is in their resting areas.

The recycling cabinet Helsinki combines a wooden frame with metallic doors which makes the perfect recycling piece of furniture for a modern office such as Aquaservice headquarters.

The Valencia bin in its version with rain hood and combining wood and metal is a robust bin ideal to withstand inclement weather. Therefore, being outdoors is its biggest advantage.

The recycling bin Madrid, due to its circular design, saves space as it can be installed in a more reduced area and has all the waste streams on hand at the same time.

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