Altea bin with pedal, the most hygienic solution

Altea bin with pedal, the most hygienic solution

Altea bin is an economic and smart option when depositing the residues. Among their versions, Cervic Environment has created a version with pedal: the most hygienic solution when disposing the garbage as it avoids the direct contact of our hands with the bin.

Altea bin with pedal of Cervic Environment has a capacity of 60 litres and an upper emptying system. This bin is available in the market with 2 different collection systems: inner ring bag holder and inner metal liner. Both collection systems have an elastic band which keeps the bag in place.

The lid opens by itself when pressing with the foot the pedal of the bin. This aperture system of the bin avoids the direct contact with the flap of the bin. Also, this systems turns the bin into the most hygienic solution when depositing the residues.

Moreover, the Altea bin allows the creation of large recycling stations as many Altea bins with pedal with different types of waste can be joined together helping this way the segregation of the residues.

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