How is the oil recycling process?

How is the oil recycling process?

Recycled cooking oil that is deposited in used oil containers is treated to be used as biofuel and for the production of biomaterials.

The simplest way to recycle used vegetable cooking oil is to bring it to a nearby used oil container. Cervic Environment offers specific containers for this type of waste, as they are a manufacturer of used oil containers in Spain, with many cities equipped, such as Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga, Zaragoza, San Sebastian, Vitoria, and more.

The used oil that can be recycled comes from vegetable oil used in cooking, such as frying, greases, and roasts. In smaller quantities, this type of oil can come from canned foods, lard, or spoiled and expired fats.

Once the oil is collected from a used oil container near you, it is transported to transfer centers where its composition and possible impurities are analyzed, meaning components that do not match the original composition. After the oil is treated, it is distilled to remove water, sediments, and possible heavy metals, resulting in regenerated bases that can be reused.

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