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BIKE RACKS street furniture

BIKE RACKS street furniture

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Bike racks

Single bike racks or multiple bike racks designed to decorate public spaces while offering great safety to users

BIKE RACKS street furniture - Edam scooter rack

Edam scooter rack

Multiple scooter rack (5 racks)

BIKE RACKS street furniture - Utrecht bike rack

Utrecht bike rack

Single bike rack

BIKE RACKS street furniture - Rotterdam bike rack

Rotterdam bike rack

Bike rack of 5 bike capacity.

BIKE RACKS street furniture - Eindhoven bike rack

Eindhoven bike rack

Robust 50 mm tubular bike rack.

Strengths of Cervic Environment Bicycle Racks

Two types of bike racks are available from Cervic Environment: single bike racks and multiple or group bike racks. Both types can be placed in line to create long bike stations. They are designed in such a way that they allow the bicycle to be attached to the bicycle rack by means of a chain with a padlock. Each Bicycle Rack has different functionalities such as its ground fixing system, the bicycle's anchorage system, ... And common functionalities such as that the bicycle can be anchored on both sides of the bicycle rack, the ground anchorages are hidden or not very visible, they can be installed in line, ...

Design, functionality and reliability

The Cervic Environment Bicycle Racks hide the anchors, so they integrate with the public space by decorating it. They are robust products, with design, functionality and reliability. They are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel (depending on the model) with stainless steel elements.
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We are manufacturers

We design, develop and manufacture, what allows us to offer very competitive, own design and innovative products adaptable to each customer's specific needs.

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Tell us what you need and we will develop it for you. We are experts in the development of new products specifically adapted and customized to our customer's needs. We offer more than products, we offer solutions.

We do have the most comprehensive range of recycling solutions

We do have the most comprehensive range of Recycling Solutions: litter bins, containers, buckets, ecological recycling islands and many more. If you do not find what you are looking for, we can develop it for you.

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The CEOE installs recycling bins made by Cervic Environment

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Rotterdam bike rack in Dubai Fitness Challenge

Rotterdam bike rack in Dubai Fitness Challenge

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